A Brief History

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Recent History

Rise of the engineers! After the dungeons of Kesmai were picked clean of loot and monsters, and the adventures moved on or retired home, life returned to normal in the lands around Kesmai. Trade resumed and the next generation was raised without the threat of the Brotherhood of Ydnac. The plundered wealth of magic, gems, and gold led to a prosperous time.

When the established powers of religion, magic, and fear began to once again tighten their hold on the common folk, they found it wasn’t so easy. Almost simultaneously, common folk in every land, now possessed with spent wealth and peaceful times, discovered the power of steam!

An industrial revolution began, ratcheting up the power of non-magical folk to a be little more even. Inventors, engineers, and mechanics cranked out clockwork devices and steam-powered machines that were usable by the common man. The existing leaders learned to embrace or incorporate this new technology, while a few were crushed under a brass boot.

Once again, the Kesmai Chamber of Commerce sent out the word that there was excitement to be had on the island. While the Brotherhood is gone, there is evidence that something once again lurks in the catacombs. This time, it doesn’t breathe fire…

Ancient History

The Island of Kesmai was once the setting for a three-way vie for control. A cult of wizards and clerics called The Brotherhood of Ydnac, and a chaotic network of pirates, both established a base of operations on the island at more or less the same time. The pirates set up a small fishing village to restock and repair between raids and the Brotherhood created a catacombs to practice their sinister magic. The third party was the island itself, as the forest creatures reacted with hostility toward the clearing of trees and swamp.

The village grew into Kesmai Town which was protected by a powerful Sheriff. His set of hard and simple Laws kept the place standing and trade flowing. The Brotherhood cast a permanent Daylight spell and an Anti-Magic zone over the main street, while the pirates provided goods and news from off-island.

Eventually, after a century of profitable evil-doing, the Brotherhood got themselves eaten and the pirates vanished. A generation or two of quiet fishing led to Kesmai Town to boredom and the citizens sought to lure more bringers of gold and worldly information. The Kesmai Chamber of Commerce was established and adventurers were invited to explore the Dungeon of Kesmai in search of fortune and glory.

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A Brief History

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