Character Creation Risus


We are using the Risus game system.
Download it here:

Races and Nationalities

The standard fantasy races are allowed. Nationality is just a roleplaying difference and doesn’t affect the crunch.

Barbarian = Any race, mostly humans
Preferred weapons: axe, mace, sword, blunderbuss

Draznia = Humans
Preferred weapons: two-handed sword, bow, long musket

Hovath = Humans
Preferred weapons: spear, sword, long musket
Dominant class: Cleric

Illyria = Elves and half-elves
Preferred weapons: rapier, light sword, dagger, light pistol

Lemuria = Humans
Preferred weapons: halberd, sword, mace, long musket

Leng = Halflings and gnomes
Preferred weapons: short sword, dagger, throwing, small pistol, single-barrel musket

Mnar = Humans
Preferred weapons: mace, bow, musket

Mu = Dwarves
Preferred weapons: battle axe, war hammer, tunnel gun, blunderbuss, double-barrel pistol


Standard 10 dice, max 4 per Cliché
Must be fantasy or steampunk themed
Primary Cliché must include race and should be based on a D&D class
See the Class Cliché reference below

Cliché Features: Combat, rage, damage resistance
Complementary Clichés: any physical Cliché
Example Barbarian: Half-Orc Barbarian (4), Hunter (3), Storyteller (2), Leatherworker (1)

Cliché Features: Combat, bardic knowledge, bardic music
Complementary Clichés: Bard Magic (Bard +/- 1 die)
Example Bard: Half-Elf Bard (4), Bard Magic User (3), Fortune Teller (2), Pole Dancer (1)

Cliché Features: Combat, healing, Turn Undead
Complementary Clichés: Cleric Magic (Cleric +/- 1 die)
Example Cleric: Human Cleric (3), Cleric Magic (4), Temple Guard (2), Missionary (1)

Cliché Features: Combat, Wild Empathy, Wild Shape
Wild Shape is an automatic success if the druid takes 1 round to change, or a TN 10 for an instant shift.
Complementary Clichés: Druid Magic (Druid +/- 1 die), Animal Companion:1 Cliché die creates Companion (3)
Example Druid: Human Druid (4), Druid Magic (3), Botanist (2), Wolf Companion (3)

Cliché Features: Combat
Complementary Clichés: any physical Cliché
Example Fighter: Dwarf Fighter (4), Armored Tank (4), Horseman (2)

Cliché Features: Unarmed combat, unarmored defense, speed
Complementary Clichés: Ki: for all monk supernatural features
Example Monk: Human Monk (4), Ki (3), Acrobat (2), Philospher (1)

Cliché Features: Combat, detecting and smiting evil, lay on hands, healing disease
Complementary Clichés: any physical Cliché, Paladin Mount: 1 Cliché die creates Companion (3), Paladin Magic User (max half of Paladin dice to start; includes Turn Undead)
Example Paladin: Paladin (4), Knight (3), Paladin Magic (2), Paladin Heavy Warhorse Mount (3)

Cliché Features: Combat, combat style, favored enemies, tracking, wild empathy, nature movement
Complementary Clichés: any physical Cliché, Animal Companion: 1 Cliché die creates Companion (3), Ranger Magic User (max half of Ranger dice to start)
Example Ranger: Ranger (4), Archer (3), Ranger Magic (2), Falcon Companion (3)

Cliché Features: Combat, sneak attack, trapfinding, thief skills, dodginess
Complementary Clichés: any physical or emotional Cliché.
Example Rogue: Rogue (4), Con Artist (3), Street Thug (2), Dabbler in Magic (1)

Cliché Features: Focused spellcasting, charisma and will
Complementary Clichés: Familiar 1 Cliché die creates Familiar (3)
Example Sorcerer: Sorcerer (4), Illusionist (3), Stage Performer (2), Black Cat Familiar (3)

Cliché Features: Versatile spellcasting, intelligence and books
Complementary Clichés: Familiar 1 Cliché die creates Familiar (3)
Example Wizard: Wizard (4), Diviner (3), Scholar (2), Horned Owl Familiar (3)


Tools of the Trade: Every Cliché has proper tools: non-magical weapons and armor, spellbook or holy symbol, spell components, thief tools, etc.

Ordinary Gear: Rope, lanterns, etc. You can carry as much of this as the Encumbrance rules allow. Ordinary Gear should be rated in dice, just in case.

Lucky Shots
Standard 1 Cliché-die for 3 Lucky Shots
Description necessary — where does this boon come from?

Hooks & Tales
Encouraged, but not required

Character Creation Risus

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