Character Creation


  • We’ll use the standard Pathfinder rule set with some add-ons from Sorcery & Steam. For the first game I didn’t add new classes from S&S because they’ll need to be converted from 3.5. If anyone wants to play a new class from S&S we’ll make the conversion. Note: Allen did a simple conversion of the Crossbowman fighter archetype.
  • Starting level is three.
  • Starting gold is 1,600 gold for gear (no heirlooms, yet). Assume 15 lbs of clothes and camping gear.

Determine Ability Scores: Pathfinder Point Buy Method

  1. 25 points to buy ability scores
  2. Apply nationality bonuses

Table ability scores costs

Races and Nationalities

The lands in and around Kesmai don’t recognize demihumans as a different races. A character’s nationality determines the racial abilities. This is just a roleplaying difference and doesn’t affect the crunch.

Hovath = Human racial traits
Preferred weapons: long musket
Traditional weapons: spear, sword

Mnar = Human racial traits
Preferred weapons: musket
Traditional weapons: mace, bow

Lemuria = Human racial traits
Preferred weapons: long musket
Traditional weapons: halberd, sword, mace

Draznia = Human racial traits
Preferred weapons: long musket
Traditional weapons: two-handed sword, bow

Leng = Halfling or gnome racial traits
Preferred weapons: small pistol, single-barrel musket
Traditional weapons: light sword, dagger, throwing

Illyria = Elf or half-elf racial traits
Preferred weapons: light pistol
Traditional weapons: rapier, light sword, dagger

Mu = Dwarf racial traits
Preferred weapons: tunnel gun, blunderbuss, double-barrel pistol
Traditional weapons: axe, hammer

Barbarian = Half-orc racial traits
Preferred weapons: blunderbuss
Traditional weapons: axe, mace, sword

Character Class, Skills, Feats, Etc.: Sorcery & Steam

To save time, I’ve uploaded the reference I am using, Sorcery & Steam, a really good Steampunk d20 rule book that I bought a while ago.

I’ve uploaded it to the DD Share > Temp folder.

Key Chapters
Chapter 3: Skills, Feats, and Spells
Chapter 4: Steamcraft and Black Powder

Chapter 2: Character Classes
Original Classes gives a good idea about fantasy characters in a steampunk setting.
New Core Classes need to be converted to Pathfinder. Let me know!
Prestige Classes can be ignored for now, but might make you want to play again. :)

Character Creation

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