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Once again, the Kesmai Chamber of Commerce sent out the word that there was excitement to be had on the island. The Brotherhood is gone, but there is evidence that something once again lurks in the catacombs. This time it doesn’t breathe fire, it breathes steam.

The Pharaoh of Hovath has had his prayers answered with steam age, and using great machines of “purification,” has unified most of the neighboring nations. Kesmai Town, with its paved streets rattling with brass and wood steam-carriages, has come alive with new arrivals. Most have come to escape the reach of Hovath, some have come for adventure.

In Gears of Kesmai, the PCs play rebellious punks who have acquired new technology that might be strong enough to fight back. Much good has come from the unification, such as the equalization of magical and non-magical people, high-fashion, and a general sense of progress. However, the Pharaoh always sits on the power structure and any who disagree with his church are publicly removed from society.

Read A Brief History for more backstory of Kesmai.

The Campaign Wiki has all the information about the world.

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August 28 Update_: Character Creation

It looks like we are going to play again. Yay! Please see the Character Creation wiki page for guidelines. For this next game, everyone starts at level 5.

August 18 Update: Thanks for playing!

I just wanted to thank the boys for letting me run the game on Saturday! There were lots of things I got to try out and I had a blast. I know you guys had a blast, too. If you want to play your characters some more, let me know. I have lots of ideas to put your black powder and steam armor to good use!


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Gears of Kesmai

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