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Nations of Kesmai

There are eight nations with contact to the island of Kesmai: Draznia, Hovath, Illyria, Lemuria, Leng, Mnar, Mu, and the wandering Barbarian tribes. There are certainly some folk born and raised on the island itself, all claim nationality elsewhere.


A typical Draznian is of average height and build, with yellow to yellow-white hair, and light gray or light blue eyes. Wizards are common among travelers from Draznia, as are fighters.

Draznia is an enchanting green island ruled by a Council composed of the masters of the various Guilds. There are three great schools for wizards on the island, and there is no doubt that Draznia has produced many, perhaps even most, of the great Wizards of history, and is likely to produce more.


The hot nation of Hovath is a theocracy. The High Priest of Hovath is the supreme theological and governmental authority in the country, and he rules strictly.

The people of Hovath are a tall, dark people with heavy black hair, usually worn short, and dark, shiny eyes. Clerics and paladins are numerous among the adventuring populations, outnumbered only by fighters. Monks are not uncommon and, while both theft and arcane magic are capital crimes, there are many rogues and almost no wizards or sorcerers.


Illyria is a long chain of islands located far north. The Illyrians, a hardy seafaring folk, gain their livelihood from the rich fishing off the shores of their islands, and from the mighty Illyrian merchant fleet.

The people of Illyria are generally slender and of fair complexion. They often have the long noses and somewhat pointed ears that Elves were reputed to have. Illyrians, as a rule, are competent fighters, and wizardry also is common, since The Imperial Institute of Wizardry is considered by many as the finest in the world.


The commonwealth of Lemuria is noted for its calm good sense and practical attitude. Lemurians are governed by an elected Council of Equals, whose basic philosophy of governing is to do as little as possible.

Lemurians adventure as any class, though rogues are rare. The Knights of Lemuria though proficient at show, are also proficient at fighting, and it has been more than 100 years since a Council member has been assassinated.


Leng is a dry, mountainous, unwelcoming region ruled by the Autocrat of the Outer Ring, whose name is never spoken. The Guild of Sorcerers’s hidden activities are rumored to seek power and wealth for their country. Moral concerns are not very important in Leng, and they have their people’s support.

The people of Leng are smaller than average, but very quick. They tend to be pale, owing to an aversion to the sun. Much of daily life in Leng is carried out during the early evening and night. The general population tends to have black hair and dark eyes that are flat and non-reflective.

Sorcerers, fighters, rogues, are numerous in Leng, and wizards not terribly uncommon, but clerics and paladins are unknown. Leng also has more monasteries than any other nation, and even non-monastic professions are influenced by their practices.


Mu is a stable, conservative monarchy and the home of the Grand Order of Thaumaturges, who, as the Chronicles tell us, drove out the Brotherhood of Yasnac.

Citizens of Mu tend to be stocky and heavy-set, and even the women are more muscular than average. Muians generally have brown eyes and exceptionally thick brown hair, which the women take great pride in growing long while the men boast luxurious beards. Clerics and fighters are common among wayfarers from Mu. Rogues are not unheard of, but wizards and sorcerers are rare


Mnar is a land of roving herders, organized into clans. When a matter affecting all of the clans must be decided, a meeting of chiefs and shamans is convened, and discussions are held.

Their people are tall and strong, with light skin and straight blond hair. Their eyes are almost always green. Most Mnarians are fighters or rangers, but all the other professions are also represented. Rogues and bards can gain much honor in Mnar, provided they do not steal from their own clan.


Many bands of barbarians wander on the wide plains and deserts of the central continent, moving constantly in response to the demands of their environment. In general, the tribes are ruled by a paramount chief, chosen from the chiefs of the clan, who must be a great warrior (barbarian or ranger) or Speaker (druid).

The tribes are similar physically, big-boned and strong, with thick black hair and dark brown or blue eyes. They are not overly tall, and their wide shoulders and thick necks make them appear even shorter than they are. While each class has a home in one tribe or another, all of the tribes produce barbarians, rangers, and Speakers.

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